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Virgil Leclercq was born in Brussels, a city known for its vibrant blend of French and Flemish cultures. Growing up in this cultural melting pot, along with his experiences in the United States and the Netherlands, gave Virgil the broadest of all possible outlooks.

During his extensive travels, Virgil began to acquire a unique sensitivity for framing and most of all, lighting.

Graduated with honours in cinematography from the RITCS – the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema, and Sound, in Brussels, Virgil's thesis movie ‘BOI’ (directed by Anthony Nti) won both the Jury and the Public prize for Best Belgian Student Short film at Gent’s prestigious International Film Festival. It went on to win Best Debut and Critics Award at the Leuven Film Festival and was nominated for various other awards, including Best Short film at the Ostende Film Festival.

Since then, Virgil has accumulated an extensive portfolio as director of photography on numerous projects, including music videos, documentaries, and commercials.
In his pursuit of authenticity, Virgil brings a strong visual identity to every project, consistently striving for excellence. Thanks to his previous experience, he has a very particular eye for artistic direction on set, adding a unique touch to his work.

By combining his own varied cultural roots and the cultures he has come across with his wide-ranging influences and experiences, Virgil creates a unique, highly sensitive style that approaches every project in a very singular, innovative and non-conformist way. This imbued his work with a sense of freshness and originality.

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